Simple ways to get more Instagram followers

People who use Instagram frequently always look out for getting Instagram followers, if people are new on Instagram; they work towards getting more Instagram followers. Even people who have spend years using Instagram want quick ways that can help getting Instagram followers in large numbers. So, everyone wants more and more followers.

People want to be known and recognized online on social media networks. If you are new to Instagram and have only family and friends as your Instagram followers, do not worry as it will take some time and then you will start enjoying on Instagram.

Still, you can follow these simple ways to get more followers on Instagram

Plan it well

If you want to gain recognition on Instagram and want to maintain the list of your followers, then you need to post frequently. If you are serious about it, then plan a schedule so that it will help your followers to understand when they can expect a new image or updates on your profile.

In case you do not post frequently, then you followers may think you are inactive and may delete you.


You may not know how to use the tags when you upload photos for the first time on Instagram. It is very important to learn to use tags quickly in order to start tagging your photos if you wish to have more friends.

If you do not know how to tag, then a photo without a tag will be seen only by people you have on your list. Tagging will help you make the images visible to those who are not on your list.

Social Networks

You can also use your other social media sites to search more followers. If you link other social media accounts to Instagram, then the image you post on Instagram will automatically be shared on other social media accounts.

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